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Costa Rica Retirement Tours

Costa Rica Retirement Tours

When we first began our journey to determine the best location in Costa Rica for us to consider a vacation/retirement home, the internet is where we began.  We just starting doing random searches for anything and everything that had to do with Costa Rica.  During that search process, we kept seeing someone's name appearing over and over again.  We decided it might be a good idea to find out what this person was all about.  Well, for ANYONE who has ANY KIND OF QUESTION about Costa Rica, this is your man - George Lundquist - go ahead and google it, and you'll see what we're talking about.  We ended up checking his website, looked at his pictures and videos and decided to get in touch with him.  This man is a wealth of information - good and bad - about Costa Rica.  He has lived there with his darling wife and a herd of dogs for the past 9 years and the information that he can provide is very relevant for anyone considering either moving, retiring or owning a place in Costa Rica.  He has set up fabulous custom tour/information sessions where you travel through the country for 3 days on his personal luxury bus, visiting different benchmark spots and being educated on the culture, food, laws, healthcare, etc.  This is basically a "get to know" tour and is limited to only a maximum of 12 people.  It is not only for retirement consideration, but also a great way to find out tons of information about the country.  Not everyone likes to go to the all-inclusives and sit at the beach all day - If you're considering a trip to Costa Rica, it's definately worth your while to check out George's website, his videos, etc. so you can see for yourself what others have enjoyed.  You can go directly there by clicking on the link below.  Enjoy and Pura Vida!

                           Link to George's Retirement Tour Site

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