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Living It Up In Costa Rica

We have been married for 36 years, have 3 sons and are currently still working.  Joe is an insurance broker and runs his own business.  Liz works for a builder in Canada.  Some of our interests are music, golf, reading, travelling and spending quality time with family and friends.  Each of us have lost a parent and seen the surviving one deal with this in their later years in life.  Why do people spend their entire lives working (mostly to pay the taxman) and then when retirement comes, so does the possibility of spending it alone.  We thought it might be better for us to look at ways to enrich our lives as we start to look to the future.  We began our search in the Caribbean.  We would take our winter vacations and ask ourselves "could we live here for 6 months"?  The only place where we could answer yes to this question was Costa Rica.  We ended up spending time there, doing a lot of research and making the decision to purchase property and build a house. 


Why Costa Rica?  After looking at Florida, Mexico, and Dominican Republic, we felt that Costa Rica had so much more to offer.  The country is beautiful and very easy to travel through.  There are different climates to suit individual needs and an abundance of things to do.  In 1949 they abolished their army and invested all their money in education and health care, therefore they have a well educated and happy population.  Recent surveys show that Costa Ricans are one of the happiest people in the world.  Because of that they have a very low crime rate compared to other countries in Central and South America.  They also have a longer life expectany because of the lifestyle they live - Pura Vida!.  Their food is basic, but very good for you.  A lot of rice, beans, chicken, etc.   Fast food is not readily available unless you visit the larger cities.  Along with good nourishment, Costa Rican's lead very stress free lives.  They work to live - not live to work!  Once our decision was made that this was the place for us, then we needed to decide exactly where.  We did some internet research on some of the areas we were interested in, and took a trip to visit each of them.  After looking at all the pros and cons of each, our decision was made.  We were going to purchase in San Ramon.

Why San Ramon? - LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - San Ramon is approximately 35 minutes from the airport and is very central to everything.  It has a hospital, university, shopping, churches, theatre and best of all, the weather is fabulous!  Because San Ramon is 3500 ft. above sea level, the average daytime temperature all year round of 25 degrees celcius or 78 farenheit.  Evenings are usually cooler but still very pleasant.  There is no need to have air conditioning in your home which is beneficial for your health and your wallet.   If you're more interested in hot weather, a 40 minute drive takes you to the beach where the temperatures can reach 40 degrees celcius.  If you're more interested in colder weather, a 90 minute drive takes you to the cloud forest areas.  A sweater is definately needed.  When we visited San Ramon, we toured around the downtown and then ventured to the outskirts.  We came upon a small village of very friendly people, and only 10 minutes away from San Ramon.  The village of Magallanes.

Why Magellanes?  Apart from it being only 10 minutes away from San Ramon, we came upon a very unique development.  Normally when you're building in Costa Rica, you don't see a lot of infrastructure.  You're told "it will come later".  Being from Canada and from a construction background, this was a bit of a red flag for Liz.  When we drove into our development in Magallanes, it felt like "home".  This is a 24 lot, gated community that has all the infrastucture already in place.  Roads, ponds, hydro, water, internet and phone access.  Each of the lots are 1 - 2 acres and have custom designed homes.  No house is alike.    Since this was an old coffee farm, each of the homes have coffee plants which are maintained by the developer's workers.  Makes for very interesting landscapes, along with the amazing views.

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